UN Human Rights Council ‘puppet’ of world powers, Iran

In a statement released on Monday, the Iranian parliament’s Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy denounced the UN Human Rights Council, calling it a “puppet” at the hands of world powers and behind the scenes deals by its members. The parliament’s statement comes just days after the UN’s Human Rights Council agreed on a proposal to establish a UN human rights investigator for Iran, the first in a decade.

According to Iran’s Labour News Agency, the Committee stressed that the recent resolution by the UN’s Human Rights Council was adopted at a time when some members of the Council such as Bahrain and Saudi Arabia were “slaughtering” protesters in the region.

“The UN Human Rights Council’s resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran has been issued at a time when, against all international regulations and human rights principals, member states such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are slaughtering people expressing their demands with [nothing but] empty hands and their political slogans,” said statement.

The statement went on to add, “The reality is that today, the UN’s Human Rights Council is a political body and a puppet at the hands of world powers and behind-the-scenes deals, and lacks the competence for investigating the human rights affairs of countries.”

On Thursday, the 47-member Geneva forum approved the resolution by 22 votes in favour, seven against and fourteen abstentions.

The text voiced concern at Iran’s crackdown on opposition figures and increased use of the death penalty and called on the Islamic Republic to cooperate with the UN envoy to be named to the independent post.

The Iranian parliament’s Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy said that it considered the United States as being behind the resolution, maintaining that it lacked any “legal significance.” The Majlis Committee also called on the UN Council to give priority to the “murder of the oppressed people of Bahrain and Yemen” and to “value the state of innocent humans who are slaughtered with the support of the United States every day,” and to condemn the United States’ violations of human rights in its prisons in Guantanamo Bay and Europe.

Previously, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Ramin Mehmanparast as well as the head of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, had separately rejected the Council’s decision to appoint a special human rights investigator to Iran.

Boroujerdi told Iran’s Mehr News Agency: “The Islamic Republic should not accept the suggested rapporteur in this resolution to report on the state of human right in our country.”

“It is not the first time we see such positions against the Islamic Republic regarding human rights issues,” Boroujerdi added. “They result from Islamic Republic’s complete independence and the failure of the oppressive political system that dominates the world today.” Condemning the “oppressive and unfair” policies of the UN, Boroujerdi continued: “We should not pay any attention to such resolutions.”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast had also denounced the “unfair” adoption of the resolution, saying “The aim of the resolution was to put pressure on the Islamic Republic and to further side track the current process of the UN Human Rights Council’s periodic review of the human rights situation across the world.”

Since the rigged 2009 presidential election, Iranian authorities have been attempting to stifle dissent by launching a massive campaign of killings, imprisonments and torture. The ongoing pressure on opposition activists and journalists has raised concerns about the decline of the human rights situation in the country.

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  1. It’s funny how every time Iran is named as a violator of human rights, they always point fingers at others, seemingly unwilling to admit that they are the worst oppressors in the world today, next to China. But then again, they are working really hard towards taking that 1st place spot away from China.

  2. I am not muslim but I support Iran.

    Israel and USA are tools of mostly Jewish European bankers with goals of World Domination.

    CIA/Mossad are behind 9/11 not muslims

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