Biker gang street war erupts on Winnipeg streets

During the past several weeks, our city has been subject to numerous acts of violence as a result of conflict involving outlaw motorcycle gangs. To date, the Winnipeg Police Service acknowledges the following incidents:

· Fire – June 14th – 1800 block of Logan Avenue
· Shots – June 26th – 100 block of Mighton Avenue
· Shots – June 27th – 1500 Roy Avenue
· Shots – June 28th – first 100 of Canberra Road
· Shots – June 29th – 100 block of Stranmillis Avenue
· Firearm located – June 29th – 100 block of Kingston Row
· Male shot – July 4th – first 100 block of Taft Crescent
· Fire – July 6th – 1800 block of Logan Avenue
· Fire – July 10th – 200 block St. Mary’s Road
· Fire – July 10th – 200 block of Royal Avenue
· Fire – July 11th – 1700 block of King Edward Street
· Fire – July 12th – 100 block of Mighton Avenue
· Fire – July 13th – 100 block of Osborne Street

Members of the Organized Crime Unit with the support of the Street Crimes Unit, Community Support Unit, Drug Unit, Morals Unit, Uniform Patrol and Arson Strike Force have been tasked under the direction of the Executive to combat and resolve this ongoing conflict.

As a result of ongoing police efforts, two adult males were taken into custody due to their involvement in the fire related incident on Osborne Street early this morning. They remain in police custody at this time.

Our commitment to dealing with this conflict has resulted in approximately fifteen arrests to date for a variety of breaches, drug possession and outstanding warrants.

The Winnipeg Police Service would like to remind members of the public that these series of events involve individuals associated to outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The resolution of these incidents continues to be of the highest priority.

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