Toews demands an official inquiry of Twitter account

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Public Safety Minister Vic Toews demands an inquiry of a Twitter account that has publicized the private details of his divorce. Recently, a Twitter account was created after a bill requiring Internet service providers to keep an eye on their clients’ online activity was passed.

The new legislation has given authorities the right to access client’s information without requiring a warrant. Although, the controversial legislation has set off the civil rights advocates who were concerned the cops were given unnecessary authority to inspect Canadians’ private life.

According to Toews spokesperson, the minister is planning to address a memo to Speaker Andrew Scheer asking for an official investigation.

“The Conservatives are accusing the NDP of plotting this attack,” said parliamentary correspondent Richard Madan on Friday. “Throughout question period John Baird, the foreign affairs minister, accused the NDP of engaging in dirty, sleazy tricks using taxpayer money through a House of Commons account.”

However, the Democrats insist they’re concerned with Toews’ public life, not his private life; therefore, NDP is not behind the propaganda. They said the IP address is public, and the Twitter account could belong to anyone.

“The question now is, is somebody going to be outed for all of this. The NDP is scrambling behind the scenes to see who is responsible and you can bet so are the Liberals,” Madan said.

Toews is in the limelight since he introduced a surveillance bill which gives authorities easier access to people’s Internet lives. Hence, the online campaign might have been an outrageous response.

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