Workers’ Union Asks for Public Inquiry of XL Foods Inc.

The union of the workers at XL Foods Inc.’s plant in Alberta has demanded for a public inquiry into the E. coli outbreak case, which resulted in the largest recall in Canadian history. While the number of citizens dismayed by the bacterium increased to 12 on Wednesday.

The president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 401, Doug O’Halloran, made an official request to Alberta Premier, Alison Redford, for calling an inquiry to determine precisely what went wrong at the Brooks, Alta. plant. The latest case of E. coli, in Quebec, has been confirmed by The Public Health Agency of Canada on Wednesday.

O’Halloran plainly blamed XL Foods Inc. for not addressing the concerns of workers’ about the food safety at the plant. He stated that “XL cannot self-regulate” so “we are calling on (the plant) to take it seriously. You can replace all the aluminum, all the stainless steel you want at the plant, but if you don’t give your workers the tools to perform the job properly, we’re not going to solve this problem.”

In response to these allegations, XL Foods officially published a statement mentioning that “an open door policy for its workers and has always welcomed their input on plant operations.” Brian Nilsson, co-CEO of XL Foods Inc., personally stated that “I am saddened that the UFCW has chosen to attack the workmanship of its many members.”

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