Amanda Todd’s Investigation May Lead to Criminal Charges

B.C. Mounties have officially confirmed the possibility of criminal charges from the investigation launched into the suicide of a 15-year-old girl, after being subjected to harsh bullying. Sgt. Peter Thiessen asserted that the death of Amanda Todd is certainly a shocking tragedy into which police has launched a full investigation.

The 15-year-old schoolgirl committed suicide at her house on Wednesday, almost a month after she posted a moving video on YouTube. Her video mentioned that she has sunk deep into depression after suffering years of online bullying, blackmail and physical assaults at school. Thiessen mentioned that the investigators will look over all evidence that can be found from social media, past conversations, postings, and past actions on any social media from anyone which may have caused her actions. Thiessen pointed out there are numerous Criminal Codes which can be indicted to the person found guilty, however he refused to mention them specifically.

Innumerable condolences and posts of support for Todd have swirled on all social networks over the internet, including facebook, twitter and other social media websites. A student of SFU, Michael Carbonnier, brought flowers to her school for showing her support, she simply “Cause I was bullied … when I was younger in high school, and it just hit close to home I guess.” She added “And I just brought her some flowers because bullying’s not the thing to do I guess, and people do miss her.”

Friends and family of Todd have arranged a memorial service on Saturday afternoon at Samuel Robertson Technical, one of her former schools.


  1. It is unfortunate that such cases occur. Parents should take action. My partner and I have installed a free software, through which we see our daughter’s activity on social networks and so we can prevent and detect any type of cyberbullying.

  2. There should not be a ” may ” leed to criminal charges in the heading for the Amanda Todd article . The heading should be there WILL be criminal charges lacomment_ID. Until we do something to the bullies this will never end and we will continue to lose children to this BS . The system needs make an example starting now and not just say there ” may ” be charges. With social media im sure they know exactly who the main culprits were so do something about it for Amanda as well as other kcomment_IDs who are living the nightmare . Bullies may think twice if there are consequences to thier actions but so far nothing is being done and off the top of my head I can think of 5 teen suiccomment_IDes in the last year or so caused by constant torment of the victims bully . If your old enough to drive someone to suiccomment_IDe your old enough to pay for the action knowing the end results of being a bully could result in this. Just sooooo tired of nothing being done and lives being lost to it .

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