Inquiry Called for Winnipeg’s Killer Mom Case

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Nicole Redhead, the dreadful mother who killed her 21-month-old daughter with her bare hands, confessed in court that she was on drugs when she went to the hospital for giving birth to her daughter. Almost two years later, the unfortunate child was silenced forever by her own mother. Inquiry has been set up for a provincial review to investigate the events which lead to the death of Jaylene, the child, and examine how they did it slip through the authorities of provincial child-welfare system.

Redhead testified in court, saying “I wasn’t getting any help,” alleging that CFS workers did not offer her suitable community support while returning her daughter. She alleged that this eventually led to a drug relapse, resulting in the merciless slaying. When inquired by lawyers about why she relapsed, Redhead stated that “I knew I could do anything I want.” Soon Redhead became progressively more upset as the time passed, and eventually asked the judge to adjourn her testimony. Redhead claimed that “you send me back to that cell, I’m not coming back here.” It’s not clear when, or if, her evidence will continue.

Redhead has already admitted her guilty to the charges of manslaughter last year, confessing that she suffocated her daughter, Jaylene, though she does claims that she was trying to stop herself and never meant to kill her. Manitoba Queen’s Bench Chief Justice, Glenn Joyal, announced last year that “this was the manifestation of unspeakable brutality and torture.” He added that Redhead’s actions were way past her ability to cope and were “closer to anger and rage than frustration and stress.”

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