Conservatives Lawyer Labels Robocalls Survey Unreliable

The Federal Court is hearing a case filed by eight voters today, who are alleging that results of last federal elections were influenced by robocalls and hence they results shall be nullified. Lawyer, Ted Frankel, stated during the court hearing on Friday that “there are so many things that can go wrong and there is just too much riding on the outcome.”

A survey report was presented in court, conducted by a polling firm EKOS Research Associates Inc., whose president, Frank Graves, testified as a an expert witness on behalf of eight voters who are demanding to nullify the election results of six federal ridings. The survey result showed that overall 2,872 voters were found in the six ridings that were Liberal, Green party and NDP supporters and hence had a more likely chance of being a victim of the misleading calls. While the voters of Conservatives, who were almost estimated around 6,000 in count, were often discourage to vote in those electoral districts.

Frankel presented his case to the judge, pointing out that the results of the survey were profoundly flawed and hence its result could not be trusted, while highlighting that the poll was commenced almost 11 months after the robocalls were made to the voters. Moreover, Frankel argued that the survey offered respondents a chance to win a $500 cash prize in a random draw in exchange for their participation. Frankel informed Federal Court Justice, Richard Mosley that “this case would, frankly, in our submission, open up the floodgates to this kind of tactic when people are unhappy with the outcome of the election.”

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