NHLPA Requests Vote for Dissolving Union

The NHPLA has made a decision through its executive board to attempt to dissolve the union, which is an action that will allow the players to file a class-action anti-trust lawsuit against the league. The executive board, comprised of 30-member, has requested the union membership to take a vote giving them the authority of filing a “disclaimer of interest.” Our sources reveal that this vote will soon be held in the coming days. The spokesperson for the NHLPA has refused to comment on the particular issue.

It is no secret that the collective bargaining sessions between the NHL and NHPLA has failed drastically and there is now very little or no hope of making a progress, especially after the two-day session with the help of U.S. federal mediator in New Jersey. Now rumor has it that NHLPA is ready to give up its attempt of making a deal. Previously, the players of NBA filed a “disclaimer of interest” during a season locked, though they soon agreed on a new CBA 12 days later.

In case the NHLPA decides to take course of action, executive director Donald Fehr will not be the in charge of bargaining for the players anymore. Moreover, the players will also be no longer addressed as a collective entity. NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, has raised suspicion about such activity and states that “the board was completely and thoroughly briefed on the subject,” “and we don’t view it in the same way in terms of its impact as apparently the union may.”

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