Hadfield Uploads Songs from Outer Space

The Canadian astronaut Hadfield, who recently began a journey aboard a Russian Soyuz capsule for living at the international space station for almost five-month, have posted a song online. He uploaded the audio track titled, “Jewel in the Night” on the online music hosting service, Soundcloud, dated on December 24, while sharing it on the social-sharing site Reddit. The headline of the post stated: “Not sure if it’s up to reddit standards, but here is a song I recorded yesterday on the International Space Station.”

Hadfield, a 53-year-old experienced astronaut and a keen guitar player, had pledged to practice music whenever he feels the need to escape homesickness, which perhaps has begun sooner than we had expected. The talented astronaut will be performing no less than 130 experiments in the extraordinary location including Micro-flow, a Canadian blood-sampling experiment and more. Soon after in the second phase of the mission, he will be entrusted as the first Canadian to lead the space station.

This is the third mission of Hadfield to space so far, as his first visit to space was back in November 1995. On his second mission, he visited the International Space Station in April 2001, when he also performed two space walks. The first Canadian to shuttle into outer space, Marc Garneau, claims that he is proud of Hadfield’s accomplishments and wished him well. He stated on Tuesday that “this is a first,” and “the first [Canadian] commander of the International Space Station.” “That’s an incredible accomplishment. He’s an incredible guy.”

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