League and Union to Resume Talks on Sunday in New York

The NHL has finally reached a position to return at the bargaining table once again because of a new contract put up by the league for NHL Players’ Association in attempt to sweeten the deal and getting things done. Next bargaining session is scheduled to commence on Sunday in New York, which has come after a break of almost one month since negotiations broke down.

The latest offer tabled by the NHL on Thursday, allegedly presents a completely new proposal with hopes of ending the lockout once and for all. Reports claim that even though NHLPA is still reviewing the document, it has already planned to speak on the phone with NHL on Saturday, and hopefully intends to meet on Sunday. Both league and players’ union will be meeting after quite a while since the second round of talks failed, despite with the help of a federal mediator, on Dec. 13. Time is the key factor for this last attempt to come at an agreeable solution and then play a season of at least 48 games, the so called minimum number of games allowed for a season by NHL.

The league will be hoping to reach an agreement before Jan. 11, with intentions of opening the season by Jan. 19. The latest offer made by NHL allegedly limits individual free-agent contracts up till six years, rather than its pervious stance of five years, if a team re-signs its own player, while also limiting the salary variance from one year to another to 10 per cent instead of 5 per cent.

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