RCMP Requested to Investigate Post-Abortion ‘Killings’ by Conservative MPs

Three Conservative MPs have demanded that RCMP shall initiate a full-scale investigation of the hundreds of post-abortion “killings,” alleging that these children were killed while being outside of their mother’s birth canal and claiming that this procedure results in potential homicides.

Three MPs Maurice Vellacott, Leon Benoit and Wladyslaw Lizon made a recent complaint in favor of the anti-abortion wing of the Conservative Party, which is related to the recent parliamentary motions intended to make it harder for women to terminate pregnancies. In response, the MPs of the NDP alleged that Conservative MPs are incorrectly linking abortion with murder, whereas Prime Minister Stephen Harper reprimand his backbenchers by reiterating that his government does not intends to reopen the divisive debate. Mr. Harper mentioned, during Question Period, that “I think all members of the House, whether they agree with it or not, understand that abortion is legal in Canada.” Regardless of Mr. Harper’s statement, the opposition blamed the Conservative Party of repeatedly using backbenchers to reopen the abortion debate. During the same Question Period, NDP MP Françoise Boivin, alleged that “these Conservatives want the RCMP to investigate abortions as if they were murders,” claiming that “does the government understand that the abortion file was settled 25 years ago?”

The issue was ignited on Thursday, when Mr. Vellacott’s office released a letter asking the police to investigate what “appear to be homicides.” The complaint was filed to the RCMP Commissioner, Bob Paulson, referring to 491 abortion-related deaths as counted by Statistics Canada between 2000 and 2009. The letter mentioned that “these killings appear to have started out as attempted abortions, but the babies were born alive.”

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