Quebec Quarry Search Mission Continues 4th Day

The police has finally reached a point during their search mission to rescue two missing truck operators, buried in a landslide at quarry near l’Épiphanie, Que., where they have assumed that there are no survivors. After attempting for the fourth straight day, Répentigny police Sgt. Bruno Marier stated on Friday that now “we are looking for victims.”

The search operation was called off late Thursday morning as it became extremely risky to fly helicopters due to high winds. The handling of crane was also hampered, which stood erected at the site for aiding rescuers to search for the missing man and woman. Another crane has been called to the site on Thursday, which lowered a geological expert on Friday to determine whether the pit is safe to operate heavy equipment. Marier explained that “for the past two days we had rain, and strong winds yesterday.” He added that “we need to make sure to provide a safe environment for the workers before we authorize them to go down.” He shared that the rescuers are still keen to return to the laborious task of digging through the rubble, as he alleged that “the rescue workers are fresh” and “they had a good night’s rest, so they’re ready to go this morning.”

Almost around two dozen firefighters are present at the site from Repentigny and Montreal, along with the members of the Quebec provincial police and heavy equipment operators, to help aid in the rescue mission to find the two missing personals. Marier claims that so far part of a truck is visible, and searchers “have reason to believe the second truck is right next to it.”

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