Court Declares Darwin, Ikea Monkey, Will Remain at Sanctuary

Superior Court Justice announced a ruling on Friday declaring that the famous ‘Ikea monkey,’ actually named Darwin, shall remain in custody of the Story Book Farm primate sanctuary until the controversial trial over his ownership is complete and a verdict is reached. The former owner of the Japanese macaque, Yasmin Nakhuda, could be seen in an inexpressive awe as Justice Michael Brown read out the decision in an Oshawa courtroom on Friday morning.

Nakhuda’s husband, Samar Katoch, also showed resentment by putting his hands over his head to sigh, as Brown mentioned that “It must be remembered that Darwin is not a human being” so “the custody laws regarding children do not apply.” It was clarified that Darwin shall be attributed as a piece of property, in which case the test for an interim return of property before a trial is extremely high. Furthermore, Brown commented that in case Nakhuda wants to succeed at this trial, she will have to meet the standard. He pointed out that “I am not satisfied she has met the high standard necessary” for proving that she can be successful at winning Darwin back the custody during trial.

Previously on Thursday, defence lawyer Kevin Toyne doubted Nakhuda’s honesty, claiming that she has changed her story regarding how she acquired Darwin and the incident of Dec. 9 at animal services. A so-called monkey specialist, Peggy Rice, has raised concerns that it can be “devastating” to their bond, if the monkey is kept apart from its owner longer than four months.

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