RCMP Aims Maximum Targets to Increase Women Ratio

The RCMP has stated that it is an extremely tough target to attain at least 30 per cent of women in the force in the time period of two decades, in pursuit of which, it has recently promised insistent new recruiting levels, a better work-life balance and a more respectful workplace.

The Mounties have reduced the number of recruits hired due to the latest budget cuts, while considering the current composition of the force, i.e. 20 per cent of women, they claim it will be a long shot to boost the number to 30 per cent by 2036. Nevertheless, a new action plan has been implemented to deal with gender current imbalance, which aims to improve the intake of women at the RCMP training academy up to 35 per cent in the coming next two years, after which it will be increased up to 50 per cent. The overall target is to achieve almost 30 per cent women by 2025.

Comm. Bob Paulson shared his regret towards the RCMP for not enrolling more women, during the time, when its recruitment was already boosted, i.e. 2008-09. Paulson alleged that it will be “an empty victory” to increase recruiting percentages at the moment, considering that overall enrollment is still declining. He explained that “for example, 20 per cent of a 1000-person entry class means 200 women join the Force; whereas, 35 per cent of a 500-person class mean only 175 women join.” He added that “the force will monitor enrollment closely to ensure that the number of recruits, in absolute terms, keep us on track to our overall goal.”

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  1. Employing more women to the force is not going to fix anything. First we need a public inquiry to clean out the rcmp. Too many officers are having a hard time keeping it in their pants and they need to go. Toss the ones breaking laws in jail and fire those who have been turning blind eyes and def ears. After which, we need to employ honest and moral officers, regardless of gender, or race.

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