N.S. Community Mourn As Search for Bodies of Missing Fishermen Ends

The people of Woods Harbour, N.S., have recently received the inconsolable update over the weekend about there their five fishermen aboard the fishing boat, named Miss Ally, that capsized due to bad weather on Feb. 17, are gone, whereas their dead bodies will also be never recovered.

The authorities gave up on their attempt to search dead bodies of the five fishermen on Sunday, after both Navy pictures and private divers discovered that the boat’s overturned hull did not have any dead bodies in it. Susan Murphy stated that “we got a glimmer of hope when the found the hull, hoping they would find the boys aboard, of course they didn’t and that was another bit of sad news.” The community has no option now but to commence the funerals without any bodies to be buried. Ken Hatfield alleged that “I had a nephew aboard that boat, Billy Jack, he was just like one of my own sons. I have been crying ever since it happened, but there’s nothing I can do about it I loved him, and he loved me too.” Hatfield added that “they probably went all together, you know what I mean. Better than them laying in that boat slowly dying.”

All friends, neighbors, consolers and religious leaders have urged general  public to extend support to the families of the five young men, namely Katlin Nickerson, Billy Jack Hatfield, Joel Hopkins, Steven Cole Nickerson and Tyson Townsend, who have passed away in this dreadful incident. A Pastor at the Calvary United Baptist Church in Woods Harbour, Phil Williams, shared that “in the stained glass window the light is constantly on because the fisherman have requested us to keep it on.”

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