Doug Ford Announces to Contest in Provincial Elections

Brother of Toronto’s mayor and his staunchest ally, Councillor Doug Ford, has acclaimed that he is now prepared to surrender his council seat and run for the Progressive Conservatives in Etobicoke North, when ever Premier Kathleen Wynne announces to conduct provincial elections. Mr. Ford has been formerly pondering over the decision to run for a provincial seat for a long time, however he now made the decision with renewed vigor on Wednesday morning in a radio interview.

Elaborating his intentions, Mr. Ford informed reporters at city hall that his decision has been prompted by a recent announcement made only a day before by the province’s transportation agency asserting that it will levy a new fees and taxes in order to raise $2-billion annually to fund transit. He alleged that “what prompted the announcement is the careless spending down at the province.” Mr. Ford questioned that bearing in mind that current administration is using a saving policy, why can’t it come up with the $2-billion it needs for transit, pointing out that it will sum up to only 2 per cent of its budget. He questioned that “why can’t they find 2 per cent to fund subways?”

Mr. Ford announced that he is intent on promoting his brother’s cost-cutting agenda to Queen’s Park and will even sacrifice his position in the city council in order to do so. He alleged that “Kathleen Wynne says she is willing to call an election. My answer to that is she is bluffing.” He added that “the people of the province have to make a decision. They either want taxes to be increased or they want efficiencies to be had at the province.”

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