Lawyer Confirms Dellen Millard Entered Not Guilty Plea in Bosma Slaying

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The suspect charged of first-degree murder of Hamilton’s Timothy Bosma, 27-year-old Dellen Millard, has entered a not guilty plea in court, his lawyer confirmed. Millard’s lawyer, Deepak Paradkar, asserted that his client is “very shaken up, very concerned, wondering how one ends up in a situation like this.” Furthermore, while exiting court today on Wednesday, he alleged that “there is a story behind this which I can’t get into.” He explained that “obviously it’s more than it appears to be. We’re really waiting for the police investigation to be completed.”

After being believed to be missing for more than a week, as he left for a test drive of his truck with two strangers, scorched remains of Bosma’s body were found recently. Consequently, the original charges of forcible confinement and theft over $5,000 against Millard were amended in court Wednesday morning. At his appearance in court, Millard could be seen wearing a white dress shirt and beige dress pants, without any Mohawk haircut. He is scheduled to make a video appearance in court on June 13.

Paradkar elucidated that the defence’s plan ahead is to seek remand for about a month, so that the police can get initial disclosure of the evidence from the Crown. He stated that “this is a hugely complex case with multi-jurisdictions, multi-search warrants. We expect disclosure to take months. This is not going to be a quick thing, so we expect at least for a number of months Mr. Millard will just be making remand appearances until we get the case.”

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