Edmonton Police Arrests Website Owner Who Posted Jun Lin Murder Video

Edmonton police has arrested and laid charges of corrupting morals against the website owner, Mark Marek, who allegedly posted the gruesome video of Lin Jun’s grisly murder on his website. The 38-year-old Marek, owner of bestgore.com, was taken in police custody from Edmonton on Tuesday night. He will now remain in police custody at least until his bail hearing scheduled in Edmonton court on Thursday morning. Additionally, Police claims that even more charges could be laid as the investigation progresses.

30-year-old Luka Magnotta was arrested in Berlin last June after a widespread investigation into a Chinese student’s murder whose body parts were mailed to Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. He will be trialled on several charges, including first-degree murder, in September, 2014. Speaking on the matter, Edmonton Police Staff Sgt., Bill Clark, mentioned in a statement that “it is alleged that Marek posted the video online in Edmonton, knowing the video that was sent to him by Luka Magnotta was depicting a real murder.”

Upon inquiry from Edmonton Police spokesperson, Patrycia Thenu, about why it took a year to arrest Marek, she replied that “it’s a very complex investigation.” A note on the bottom of Marek’s website says, “Please don’t send me any emails — I can’t read them. I had my laptop confiscated by police state Canada and with it all existing emails and the means to read new ones.” During a video chat session published by Ottawa Citizen in May 2012, Marek alleged he “had no proof … that it was 100 per cent real.”

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