Harper Officially Announces Israel Visit in January

Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has recently mentioned in a press release issued on Sunday night that he has made his first-ever plan to visit to Israel on January 19. The Prime Minister, known for having the bluntest attitude among all world leader regarding public support of Israel and the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has scheduled to stay in the region for almost four days including a visit to the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.

Mr. Harper first hinted towards his anticipated visit of Israel on his Twitter account and later endorsed it during a speech at a Jewish National Fund fundraising event few days ago. Speaking to the audience at the time, Harper stated that “I look forward to visiting the Middle East early next year to explore ways of strengthening peace and security, stimulating sustainable economic growth, and promoting essential Canadian values, such as tolerance and human rights, across the region.” It was reassured that Canada will remain a staunch ally and supporter of Israel in the United Nations and other international forums.

The proactive announcement made by the Prime Minster was welcomed by the head of the pro-Israel lobby in Canada. David Koschitzky alleged that though relations between the two countries are already excellent, still there is room for improvement, especially in trade relations. On the other hand, Netanyahu has regarded Harper as one of the closest leaders to him, both personally and politically. Canada hosted Netanyahu thrice in the past five years, whereas Harper often speaks to him on the phone too.

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