Fire on Christmas Day Burns a Home in Bowness

An extensive fire blazed on Christmas Day leaving a home completely burnt in Bowness at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday. The firefighters immediately responded to the call and arrived at the scene on Bow Crescent N.W. to find smoke and flames pouring out of the back of the house. Batt. Chief from the Calgary Fire Department, Al Magwood, mentioned that “we tried an initial aggressive interior attack, but found the conditions were not conducive to fighting the fire that way.” He alleged that “so we pulled crews back, called a second alarm and [were] working on a defensive fire.”

The four residents of the home were able to successfully get out safely, however two cats were stranded inside. Soon after trying to battle the blaze, and avoiding heavy smoke, heat and flames, fire crews were able to get it under control and recover the pets, who were wet and scared but otherwise unharmed. Paulette McKay, who knows the family since 20 years, stated that “it really upset me because the people who live in there are older and not well off,” adding that “they are good people, really good people.”

Furthermore, she revealed that times have been tough for them, as they recently suffered from the June flood. She mentioned that “they were so fortunate that they escaped the flood, the flood was right across the street.” It was added that “Bowness came together for the flood, and they’ve been in the community for years and years. Bowness will come together for them as well.”

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