Owners of Beleaguered Dog, Molly, Charged With Animal Cruelty

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Owners of the young dog recovered by the authorities while starving in near death conditions last fall in Port Hardy have now been charged with animal cruelty offences. An 18-month-old shepherd-cross, Molly, was found in extremely wasted and non-responsive condition on the porch of a home on the Fort Rupert Reserve on Nov. 25, 2013. Witnesses claim that the dog had a bloody gaping wound on her neck where a heavy collar had become deeply embedded.

Soon after the news was reported in headlines, the animal welfare agency received financial support from numerous members of the public, some of which also offered to adopt Molly. The dog’s owners, Rupert Wilson and Crystal Bee, have been finally charged after a conclusive investigation by the SPCA. These charges can result in a fine up to $10,000, a lifetime ban on owning animals or five years in jail.

B.C. SPCA’s community relations manager, Lorie Chortyk, mentioned that “this dog had maybe a few hours to live because it was in such bad condition.” Chortyk added that “I don’t know how a human being could watch an animal literally starve to death before their eyes.” Molly now lives in foster care, where the B.C. SPCA representative claim that even though she’s too thin, she has still put on more than six kilograms. Chortyk mentioned that “we want justice for this dog,” and added that “we’re just so thankful she’s been rescued and she’s going to have a great future.”

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