Judge Refuses Bail of Accused Dr. Doodnaught

Ontario Court of Appeal has denied appeal of convicted sex predator, Dr. George Doodnaught, who is set to defend 21 counts of sexual assault and it does not look like he has a good shot on his appeal too. Justice Harry LaForme of the Ontario Court of Appeal mentioned in a ruling released on Wednesday morning that “public interest” implicates that the anesthesiologist should start serving his 10-year sentence while he appeals his convictions.

In the ruling, Judge LaForme stated that “Dr. Doodnaught’s offences are very serious. From my assessment based on the record before me, his grounds of appeal are weak and not likely to succeed, although some may be arguable. In cases like this, the need for immediate enforcement of the judgment outweighs the need to review the decision. Release, therefore, would not be in the public interest.” Dr. Doodnaught was convicted in November by Justice David McCombs, who found him guilty of sexually assaulting 21 female patients in the operating room between 2006 and 2010.

Defence lawyer, Brian Greenspan, informed LaForme that their appeal case was strong because it highlighted 100 errors in McCombs’s conduct of the six-month trial and in his ultimate guilty verdict. However, almost all of Greenspan’s appeal issues relate to McCombs’ finding of facts and his rejection of the defence version of events. In his decision, LaForme highlighted that “such grounds of appeal pose an uphill battle for success on any appeal given the high degree of deference owed to trial judges by appellate courts in respect of their findings of fact.”

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