Mole Admits Leaking Names of 200 Informants to Hells Angels

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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An exposed police mole plead guilty to have sold an extremely sensitive list containing information regarding 200 police informants to a killer biker during a court trial on Thursday. The accused, Benoit Roberge, appeared weak and ashamed as he stood in the prisoner’s box while the guilty plea was being read in court. Roberge, the former biker investigator with Montreal police, admitted to have leaked sensitive information to the same criminals he was keeping an eye on.

Roberge had an experience of investigating bikers for 11 years and often used to testify at their trials. However, during the trial on Thursday, Roberge confessed to charges of gangsterism and breach of trust for activities that took place between October 2012 and March 2013. Analysts predict that he might be up to face ten years in prison. Several sources claim that Roberge received $500,000 for leaking the list of moles to Hells Angels drug dealer, Rene Charlebois, who was an accomplice of jailed Hells kingpin Maurice “Mom” Boucher. But since the detective and Charlebois had a falling out later on, the biker deliberately recorded several incriminating telephone conversations to blackmail Roberge.

Later on, Charlebois escaped from prison and committed suicide. Consequently, provincial police recovered the recorded conversations of Charlebois and Roberge when the biker’s body was discovered in a chalet near Montreal. Roberge was eventually trapped by Montreal Police in October with another undercover officer who impersonated to be someone interested to buy the informant list for $50,000.

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