Former PM Mulroney Anticipated to Deliver ‘Big Speech’ Next Week

Former Prime Minister of Canada who spend 9 years in office, Brian Mulroney, is set to return to Ottawa next week in order to deliver a much-awaited speech focusing on how Canada should wrestle with some of its most persistent challenges. Mulroney is expected to make the speech at a dinner hosted by a “progressive” think-tank, called Canada2020, which has reportedly invited more than 400 guests including almost half of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet.

Mulroney’s relations with Harper have seen its fair share of ups and downs, especially when Harper called an inquiry to look into Mulroney’s business dealings, after he left office, with German arms lobbyist, Karlheinz Schreiber. Regardless of the bad publicity due to the incident, 75-year-old Mulroney is still a renowned private business. He is appreciated as prime minister who succeeded to bring major, but politically risky initiatives such as constitutional reform, free trade and tax reform.

Mulroney was recently inquired by Canada2020 to point out the next major challenge, or challenges, that the federal government should focus on. Mulroney is anticipated to answer a simple question: “what is the next big thing?” on April 8 in his evening speech at Ottawa’s Convention Centre. Senior officials in Harper’s Conservative government will be watching closely. Canada2020 co-founder, Tim Barber, alleged that “we are going into a moment in the cycle where the marketplace for new ideas is wide open” and added that the “governments run out of steam. I think they start looking around for ideas.”


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