Former BC Premier Mike Harcourt Resigns from NDP

Former BC NDP Premier, Mike Harcourt, has announced to have resigned from his party, revealing that he gave a great deal of thought to the decision and it is a result of a series of bad decisions made by party leaders. Asserting that he hopes his harsh words would be a wake-up call for party leaders, Harcourt said that “hopefully it’s a kick in the pants to get on with it and choose a strong leader with a vision.”

According to Harcourt, party members were able to pull together a broad based vision for the province which addressed the environment back in back in 1980s and 90s, but “that’s been shattered. [The Party] coming out against the carbon tax alienated the environmental community and coming out against Kinder Morgan alienated the working people, and construction and blue collar workers, as well as the 150 or so communities that depend on natural resources outside of Vancouver.” Harcourt declared that he will not be supporting any other political parties, but added that if NDP makes the right moves, it might win him back.

On the other hand, UFV Political Scientist, Hamish Telford, alleged that NDP has a lot of reflecting to do on how to reorganize and rebuild the party. He stated that “it’s difficult. Part of the NDP coalition is the environmental wing of the party, that’s under pressure from the rise of the Green Party. But along side that, the NDP also has public and private sector unions…It’s difficult to harmonize the interests of the environmental and resource sectors that support the NDP.”

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