Housekeeper Suspected of Cheating Elderly Toronto Woman

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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According to a police investigation, a 94-year-old Toronto woman named Norma Marshall was conspired into losing her life savings to a couple who allegedly took over her house while she was still living in it. The housekeeper Norma hired in 2010 was trusted by her as time passed by, as Det. Const. Valerie Dahan of 53 Division’s fraud unit, mentioned in a press conference on Wednesday morning that “the housekeeper became quickly involved in the woman’s daily activities, as well as gained access to her banking and finances.”

Dahan alleged that the housekeeper told Marshall that her family was moving back to Portugal and wanted Norma to join them. However on the day they were supposed to leave, the housekeeper, her husband and their children moved into the house with all of their possessions. Police was alerted by a pharmacy delivery person, Firoz Jogiat, who got suspicious after seeing the housekeeper’s family. He alleged that “they took me to this small room, where Norma was confined to the bed. And I asked a few questions to Norma why she was not taking her medication regularly, but she didn’t look at me.”

Dahan added that Norma was also cheated of her life savings and other possessions, explaining that “the women’s possessions, including furniture, valuables and jewelry were sold without her knowledge.” He elucidated that “it is further alleged that the woman was defrauded of a majority of her life savings, which at this time is believed to be approximately $25,000, and the housekeeper had no intention of emigrating with the woman.”

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