Lev Tahor Children Returned after Border Officials’ Raid

The immigration lawyer representing the Ultraorthodox Jewish Sect. Lev Tahor, Guidy Mamann, has confirmed that the CBSA officers arrested and detained six members of the community on Wednesday morning. Consequently, Children’s Aid Society had to briefly take in a dozen children.

The news was further confirmed by the Executive Director of Chatham’s Children’s Services, Stephen Doing, who alleged that the CAS worked with CBSA officials to ensure the safety of the children because they didn’t appear to have parental supervision. According to a member, Joel Helbrans, the situation created a pretty disturbing scene as “everyone was at everyone’s throats. You can see the terrible decisions that have been made and the terrible anxiety that’s been created.” Later on it was confirmed at around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday that the CAS had returned all eleven children to their families.

Furthermore, Mamann seconded Helbrans’ concern that the ongoing struggle of the community has resulted in a serious impact on the children. He asked others to “pretend you are looking at the world through a child’s eyes,” and explained that “the kids are absolutely traumatized at the very site of immigration officials, the very site of the police.” This was the latest incident in the ongoing altercation with the ultraorthodox group who is under investigation in Quebec for alleged child neglect. So far, fourteen children have been taken into custody of CAS while the matter is scheduled to return to a Chatham family courtroom on Friday.

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