Cougar Attacks Teen at Waterton Park

Waterton Lakes National Parks officials were astounded by a recent brazen cougar attack on an Edmonton-area teenager, 17-year-old Mykaela Belter, who had to suffer some scratches. Manager of resource conservation at Waterton Lakes National Park, Dennis Madsen, alleged that “most people never see a cougar” because “they are very shy and very secretive. I can’t remember the last time we had someone physically touched by a cougar.”

Mykaela explained that she was on a trail with her family, almost 5-6 kilometers south of the Waterton town site on Monday, when she got jumped by the wild cat. Mykaela revealed that she and her sister screamed but it was her father’s yelling at the mountain lion that scared it away. Mykaela remembered on Tuesday that “my sister and I were slightly apart from the group, walking in front” and “we were talking and laughing and being noisy.” She explained that “I passed a bush and it rustled, and when I turned to look, a cougar jumped out and it grabbed my side and lower back.”

However, Mykaela boasted that she is not nervous to go walking in Waterton Park again. She alleged that “Mo! I want to go up on bear’s hump (trail) and climb to the top. But mom doesn’t want me to go hiking again – at least not on this trip.” Whereas, Madsen has confirmed that the cougar was located and destroyed, stating that “officers went to the trailhead and went south and encountered it on the trail and it was interacting with another group of hikers, and it was acting aggressively towards them.”

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