Mulcair Vows to Bring a National $15-a-day Childcare Program

NDP leader Tom Mulcair revealed a key election promise of his party on Tuesday, announcing to implement a national childcare program that would provide a subsidized cost for parents of no more than $15 a day. Making the key announcement on Tuesday, the NDP vowed to boost federal spending on childcare to $5 billion over an eight-year period in order to implement and maintain one million spaces across the country.

In addition to making its own efforts to fulfil the promise, the NDP will also have to bring the province on board with its plan since they are expected to pitch in some of the costs at an approximate price tag of $3.3 billion. Hence, the spending on childcare can accumulatively tagged around at least $8.3 billion being shared between the federal and provincial governments. Referring to research notes suggesting that Quebec’s subsidized daycare system has added to the province’s economy, the NDP argued spending on childcare is worth it. However, specific amounts and details have yet to be finalized since Mulcair alleged that actual cost of a subsidized space and provincial spending would be contingent on what the provinces agree to in negotiations with the federal government.

Addressing reporters at an Ottawa daycare centre, Mulcair stressed that “this is something that is not only a good idea economically, it’s a good idea for families. And, in fact, if you look at it, it’s something that we can’t afford not to do.” He alleged that “we would deal with the reality of each province on its own. We’re not saying that it’s one size fits all.”

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