Union Head Asks Crombie to Clarify Stance on Labour

Head of a major construction union, the Boilermakers union in Canada, Joseph Maloney, has called on Mississauga Mayoralty prime candidate, Bonnie Crombie, to unveil her stance on key issues important to the working people in Mississauga. Maloney explained that Crombie had initially supported fair wages and sought union support, but she has now backtracked and even attacked workers.

Maloney mentioned during a press conference that “before our members vote on Monday, they deserve to know where Bonnie Crombie stands,” adding that “on Labour Day, she said she supported fair collective bargaining and fair wages. But at a public meeting, she called unions ‘old boys’ clubs’ and accused us of making ‘backroom deals.'” Maloney stated that “she’s been on a union-bashing rampage that can only mean a complete flip-flop on an important policy.” Furthermore, it was pointed out that Crombie’s intent to bring in accountants to propose service cuts throws into question her promises of “inclusion” and “investing in our people.”

Maloney explained that “will the real Bonnie Crombie please stand up? Is it Dr. Jeckyl or Mr. Hyde? We see a lot of talk about principles and including everyone, but that disappears when push comes to shove,” adding that “she seems to have turned her campaign into Tea Party North.” Whereas, it was stressed that “labour is eager to work with the next Mayor of Mississauga” because “the working people of our community have a lot to contribute. We’d like to know that the next Mayor respects and won’t turn on us at the first sign of a disagreement.”

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