Lululemon Faces Criticism for Partnering With Dalai Lama

The trendy high-end yoga-wear retailer, Lululemon, has announced an extensive partnership with a charity called Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education. However, the company is receiving bitter criticism for the partnership move announced this week. The announcement explained that Lululemon will contribute $750,000 to the Tibetan spiritual leader’s nonprofit organization over the next three years in order to expand education initiatives and for “researching the connection between mind-body-heart.”

Several critics have called the alliance a nonsense as they claim Dalai Lama’s name should be associated with a money-making enterprise like Lulumon, complaining that it has been “hijacked” and turned into a mere corporate marketing tool. There was a spree of negative comments on Lululemon’s official blog, majority of which mostly accused the company of hypocrisy. One of the commenters said that “as he believes that luxuries are not necessities, you believe in $100 yoga pants” while another alleged that “it is offensive that you have sunk so low as to use the Dalai Lama and his image as part of your branding.” A third commenter wrote that “I am put-off by Lululemon’s bizarre effort to hijack the Dalai Lama for brand-building and commercial gain.”

Additionally, some of the critics against the partnership claimed not to like the Dalai Lama, with one calling him “cruel” and another calling him “greedy.” However, Lululemon adamantly disregarded all the criticism and stated that “both organizations share a common vision for developing the next generation of compassionate leaders in the world and are committed to engaging and empowering healthy communities.”

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