Trudeau Calls Ottawa Attack Terrorism, Signals Support to Anti-Terror Measures

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has indicated that his party might support the Conservative government’s upcoming security legislation while giving several suggestions as well. After a caucus meeting, Trudeau stated that he accepts the RCMP’s statements that recent attacks were “acts of terrorism,” in opposition to the stance of Official Opposition NDP leader Tom Mulcair who said he is not sure last week’s shooting attack in Ottawa was terrorism.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trudeau also suggested Prime Minister Stephen Harper should create an all-party national security oversight committee in order to overlook how security is beefed up. Addressing the House of Commons, Trudeau explained that “keeping Canadians safe in a way consistent with Canadian values is one of our highest responsibilities.” He added that “in order to do that, we must ensure both the security of Canadians and the protection of their rights.” Whereas on the other hand, Mulcair has alleged that he is not convinced that last week’s attacks by a lone gunman stem from terrorism. He explained that “I don’t think we have enough evidence to use that word,” adding that “when you look at the history of the individual involved, you see a criminal act, of course.” He stated that “but … I think that we’re not in the presence of a terrorist act in the sense that we would understand it.”

Consequently, Mr. Mulcair inquired Harper in the Commons if he understands “the fundamental difference between the horrific acts of a profoundly disturbed individual and organized terror.” He said the opposition parties should be invited to help prepare the “best legislative reaction to these horrific events.”

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