Friends, Family Fail to Relate Suspect Accused of Killing Cyndi Duong

According to the friends and family of the churchgoing mother of three, 37-year-old Cyndi Duong, killed on Monday, they have never heard of her suspected killer, 53-year-old Phu Lam, and so cannot find a single connection between them. Ms. Duong was shot and killed inside her home in southwest Edmonton. Police have confirmed that the suspected shooter is known to them for having a long criminal history. Lam is suspected to have already killed seven other victims in a north Edmonton home.

Ms. Duong’s friends are claiming that it’s only possible that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The longtime pastor of the Vietnamese Alliance Church which Ms. Duong attended since childhood, Thanh Le, alleged that “we don’t have any clue. There is now the question of why.” He stated that “in our mind, it’s tough to swallow the fact she was killed.” President of the Edmonton Viets Association, Mr. Le, recalled to have performed the marriage ceremony for Ms. Duong and 41-year-old David Luu. The couple had three children ranging from the age of six to thirteen. Neighbors confirm that a grandmother also lived at the house.

Mr. Le reiterated to have never heard of Duong’s alleged shooter, Phu Lam, until it was highlighted in news related to the killing. He said that people keep asking ‘why, why, why here?’” but “for me, the last thing I would think is she would be killed.” Mr. Le revealed that Ms. Duong’s family emigrated from Vietnam when she was young.

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