Egyptian Canadians rally in support for “Day of Revolt” in Cairo

The present public protests in Egypt, dubbed a "Day of Revolt” against torture and police brutality, government corruption, poverty and unemployment", were initiated by youths’ movements’ online, industrial workers all ordinary Egyptian, Muslims and Christians alike.

Strikes went out in all cities in large numbers of protesters, including members of Egypt’s opposition parties, intellectuals and prominent public figures.

The events began, January 25, on the “Police Day” a national holiday in celebration of what had been achieved by the national Police who valiantly defied the occupation forces 59 years ago.

Instead of emulating such patriotic action, on that day, state security forces have turned the inherited “white page” into “a black one” by applying the current regime’s policies of torture and humiliation of the Egyptian citizens.

Regrettably, these unlawful practices have been used by the police against the peaceful demonstrators resulting in killing some, wounding others and arresting hundreds who nobody knows their whereabouts.

As we, Egyptian Canadians, are concerned about the wellbeing of the Egyptian people and the stability of our country, we call on the government of Egypt to respond to the legitimate aspirations of all the Egyptian people by taking all necessary practical steps for democratic reform, in order to avoid further deterioration of peoples’ lives and the security of the nation.

This national cry has unified all Egyptians from various social and political spectrums in calling for real change through the realization of the following demands:

-Put an end to the perpetual ill-famed Emergency Law, which suspends all basic civil liberties, and to criminalize abuse and torture committed by police.
-Release all detained protesters unconditionally.
-Empower the Egyptian Judiciary to fully supervise the electoral process, and mandate prosecutors to control all Police Stations to insure the end of torture.
-Void the 2010 elections of the Egyptian Parliament and call for new elections monitored by Egyptian and International civil societies.
-Amend the constitutional articles 76, 77, and 88 to make it possible for independent and party candidates to run for presidency; and limit the tenure of the president to a maximum of two consecutive terms.
-Grant Egyptians living abroad, nearly seven millions, the right to vote in all future elections.
-Dismissal of the Interior Minister Habib el-Adli as he failed in achieving people’s security.
-Address the problems of poverty by raising the minimum salary, reform the educational system with the aim to pave the grounds for democratization, societal peace, and social justice.
-Promote and disseminate via media and education human rights culture, the values of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among members of different faiths.
-Establish a democratic state where rights of all citizens are respected, without any discrimination, based on religion, race, gender, or political thought

To this end, Egyptian Canadians stand up in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Egypt and will remain vigil and will react to each step taken in Egypt by the people and the government until all demands are implemented.

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