SIU’s Loku Report Criticizes Cop Who Tried to Download Video Evidence

SIU’s director, Tony Loparco, has mentioned in a report that a Toronto cop “unduly” inserted himself into the investigation and “improperly” attempting to review and download surveillance video of the Andrew Loku shooting. According to Loparco, the act has jeopardized the credibility of the Special Investigations Unit probe.

These remarks were made in the civilian watchdog’s director’s report into the death of 45-year-old Loku, who was killed by an unnamed Toronto police officer last July. For the first time, the heavily censored report highlighted the SIU director’s criticism of Toronto police during the probe of the high-profile shooting. Furthermore, the director expressed his utter frustration on the fact that such interference is all too common in many cases. In the report, Loparco listed several other SIU investigations as examples where such interference has occurred in the past, but the file numbers were censored in the copy of the report provided to the Ministry of the Attorney General on Friday.

According to Loparco, “this case is another example in which the post-incident conduct of some officers threatened to publicly compromise the credibility of the SIU’s investigation.” He stressed that police should never attempt to view or download video without first getting consent of the SIU. He pointed out that Ontario’s Police Act states the SIU “shall be the lead investigator in the investigation of the incident and shall have priority over any police force.”

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