Calgary House Fire Kills Five

A house fire in the northeast Calgary has resulted in the death of five people. According to the fire department, they were first informed about the incident at the 100 block of Falchurch Crescent NE via a call received at around 1:30 a.m. Calgary Fire Chief, Steve Dongworth, explained that the “crews went inside the home and immediately started locating casualties,” adding that “they brought four of those casualties out right away, and shortly afterward discovered a fifth casualty in the building.”

One of the home owners in the neighborhood, Tim Moerike, recalled the incident and explained that “I thought it was a car window or something like that,” “so I jumped out of bed, ran to our bedroom window, looked outside and I saw flames in house 104 in the living room window. It was about three, four feet tall.” Moerike stated that “I yelled at my wife, I says call 911, 104 is on fire. I’m gonna run across and get Keely and Elisha out.”

Tim walked across the street to wake up neighbors of the house on fire, he said that “by the time I got across the street, that house was fully involved. There was nothing I could do for 104.” The neighbor, Elisha McGregor, stated that “Tim was yelling ‘get up, get up there’s a fire’ so I just ran out and ran upstairs and I was expecting to see flames, but we didn’t see anything until we got outside.” She revealed that “when we first came out, just the house next door was on fire, the flames were probably five to six feet high, and then just seconds later it had taken our whole roof.” 

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