Spot Fixing Trial: Mohammad Asif appears in the Witness Stand

During the ongoing Spot fixing trial against former Pakistan Captain and opener Salman Butt and fast bowler Mohammad Asif, he attributed his infamous no-ball in last year’s Lord’s Test to the abuse he received in the over from his captain Salman Butt.

Asif was appearing in the witness stand for the first time on the 12th day of the alleged spot-fixing trial, and his lawyer Alexander Milne QC followed an introduction of his career with the details about the no-balls in question.

In fact the 90-minute exchange between Asif and Bajwa sometimes brought laughter from the court as Asif stuck to his story against Bajwa’s cross-examination. Asif, speaking in broken English, often required the services of his Urdu interpreter.

According to Asif Captain Salman Butt during the infamous over said “Run faster f*****, and also something like ‘haven’t you slept’?

Milne replied to that answer by asking Asif whether his captains comment was said in a funny way, pointing out that swear words can sometimes be used in a humorous, friendly way. To which Asif replied “No, it wasn’t friendly, it was unfriendly for a captain to speak like that to me, especially with my position in the rankings. I thought to myself that I had slept well last night so why is he saying these things. He was desperate for wickets but so was I.”

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