A Case For Having Sex On Mondays

I know I’m right when I say that Monday is the least arousing day of the week. I mean, there’s a reason that being told you have “a bad case of the Mondays” isn’t exactly a compliment. So right off the bat, there’s something about Mondays that desperately needs a revamping. My proposal: Why not try and make it your sexiest day of the week?

Hear me out.

During the current pandemic, our sense of time has been thrown off. Our schedules are all over the place, our days are starting to mesh together, and it feels like we’re living in a kind of horrible infinite present. Building a new routine can help us feel grounded again.

And while scheduling a day to have sex probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you hear “routine” — maybe it should be. After all, isn’t deciding to start (or end) your Monday with a roll in the hay a lot more appealing than, say, pledging to do something boring like shower at the same time every day? One Consumer Reports poll found that 45% of sexually active people schedule sex. It’s time to become one of them!

Okay, you might be thinking. I’ll schedule sex. But Monday? But how will I ever get myself in the mood on a Monday, when I’m staring down the realities of another workweek spent cooped up inside?

To that I say, you’re looking at it wrong. Starting to have sex on Mondays has the potential to change your entire attitude about the rest of day — or at least provide a welcome respite to your busy schedule, something to look forward to, to keep your spirits up.

“Monday isn’t an unsexy day if we reframe how we approach the beginning of our week,” says Emily L. Depasse, a sex educator based in Philadelphia, in an interview with Refinery29. “Especially during COVID-19 and being without a routine, it could be nice to get back into a routine or create a new one.”

Myisha Battle, a certified sex and dating coach, agrees. “Given the current shift away from a rigid schedule to one with more fluidity, Mondays can be a soft landing into the week instead of a harsh reentry,” she tells Refinery29. “Our open schedules mean we don’t just have to confine our playtime to the weekends, and that includes sex too!”

So, here’s to making Monday the new sexiest day of the week, whether your sex is with a partner or with yourself. Isn’t it better to start off the new week off with a bang?

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