Friends (not) forever

A ‘break-up’ with your best friend can be tough. But yes, like everything else in life, you can handle a rift in close friendships too.

Love hurts. So does friendship. Especially when a beautiful bond goes sour over petty things. As you mature, friendships take on a different meaning altogether but during college years, when the world revolves around your friends, a break-up can be pretty hard. But take heart. Friendships gone wrong are a part and parcel of life and the growing up process. Remember Dil Chahta Hai? Here’s how to emerge from a break-up, all wise and smiling.

Coping with friendship failures

• Acknowledge the loss. The more you stay in denial, the longer it will take to heal.
• Do a post-mortem of the break-up. Examine reasons that caused the drift. This is important, so you don’t repeat it the next time.
• If it was your fault, apologise. Things may not get back to normal, but it’s comforting to know that you’ve done your job.
• If your friend was at fault, forgive and move on.
• Don’t jump into a new friendship immediately. Rebounds don’t work! You might end up falling into bad company.
• When you find other close friends, don’t compare them with your last relationship.

How to end a fight

Many a time, you will find that you even forgot what the fight was about. You just seemed to argue, and then stop talking to each other. Time goes by and you realise that you miss the friendship, and wish you could talk to your friend again. It is possible that they feel the same way as you do. Someone has to take the initiative, and it might as well be you. However, remember that when the disagreement was too hurtful, a friend might just not want to make up with you.

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