Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts

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Location: Various locations around Toronto
The 28th annual Mayworks festival takes place from May 115, 2013. The full program is available on our 2013 festival program page. The festival features artists at all stages in their careers who are engaged with current labour, social, and political realities. The festival program committees goal was to include works that reflect Mayworkss solidarity with local, national, and international campaigns such as the Idle No More movement, affordable housing, opposition to austerity measures, migrant rights, amongst others. We continue our dedication to partnering with unions, community groups, and arts organizations. Some events organized in partnership include: an evening of spoken word poetry with the support of Public Service Alliance of Canada; a film night with the Canadian Labour International Film Festival which includes two documentaries that speak to the effects of increasing economic and job insecurity, layoffs, and inadequate social assistance on communities; and a tribute concert in honour of Arlene Mantles (1939 2012) lifelong contribution to the labour movement in collaboration with her family and friends. It is our privilege to present a visual art exhibit by artist/activists Min Sook Lee and Deborah Barndt whose MILAGROS FOR MIGRANTS multi-media exhibit explores the relationship between food and labour justice and places migrant workers issues in the broader context of global corporate agriculture. Mayworks will be the first to present the work of the newly-formed Artist Wanted Collective, whose central interactive work SHOP TALK search centre will be housed in Whippersnapper Gallery. With accompanying performance, intervention, and interview-based works throughout the festival, the Artist Wanted Collective will use Mayworks as a base to further their research around issues of art and labor in the Greater Toronto Area. We are proud to host a number of forums and workshops such as a Theatre of the Oppressed workshop led by Ponni Arasu. She is also presenting the Canadian-premier of Karuppi (The Dark Woman). As well, Althea Balmes and Jo SiMalaya Alcampo are facilitating a discussion with Filipina migrant workers which will lead to the creation of a comic book that highlights the work of live-in caregivers. In solidarity with the Idle No More movement, Anishnawbe-kwe curator, writer, and media artist Wanda Nanibush is leading an Idle No More teach-in at the Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre. We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 festival! For more information, please visit

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