TSX Toronto Technical Stock Trading Alerts for November 4, 2010

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

TSX Toronto Technical Stock Trading Alerts for November 4, 2010  

Alert Criteria: Stocks (TSX); Classic Patterns; Any Opportunity Type (Bullish, Bearish or Other).
SymbolExchangeNameEventClose at EventTarget Price RangeOpportunity Type
AIF.UN.TOTSXAltus Group Income FundDouble Top$15.10$14.45 – $14.60Intermediate-Term Bearish
BAM.PR.J.TOTSXBrookfield Asset Management IncContinuation Diamond (Bullish)$27.20$29.10 – $29.50Long-Term Bullish
CAM.TOTSXCanam Group IncTriple Top$7.53$6.95 – $7.05Intermediate-Term Bearish
FXA.TOTSXAfexa Life Sciences IncTop Triangle$0.53$0.41 – $0.43Intermediate-Term Bearish
GTH.TOTSXUS Geothermal IncDiamond Bottom$1.00$1.29 – $1.37Long-Term Bullish
HF.TOTSXHanfeng Evergreen IncSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)$6.74$5.70 – $5.90Intermediate-Term Bearish
HOU.TOTSXHorizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bull Plus ETFDiamond Bottom$7.04$8.90 – $9.30Long-Term Bullish
MCB.TOTSXMcCoy CorpSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$2.50$2.85 – $2.93Intermediate-Term Bullish
NUS.TOTSXNautilus Minerals IncBottom Triangle$2.02$2.49 – $2.59Intermediate-Term Bullish
OGC.TOTSXOceanaGold CorpContinuation Wedge (Bullish)$3.43$4.00 – $4.10Short-Term Bullish
TKO.TOTSXTaseko Mines LtdHead and Shoulders Top$4.94$4.80 – $5.10 *Intermediate-Term Bearish
ZCL.TOTSXZCL Composites IncTop Triangle$2.91$2.50 – $2.58Intermediate-Term Bearish
(*) Indicates the instrument has reached the target price on the same day the pattern was confirmed. Accepted principles of technical analysis suggest that no further price movement should be attributed to this pattern.

(W) denotes a weekly event.
(M) denotes a monthly event.
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