Prometheus: Technology, Yes, Script, No!

We’re eager to hear what readers who saw “Prometheus” this weekend thought of it. We approached the movie eagerly with visions of the original “Alien” withSigourney Weaver in our heads. In the years since the original Alien was made, technology has taken many steps forward and scriptwriting has taken many steps BACK. Sorry, dazzling technology is exciting, but it isn’t enough. We want characters we can identify with, a story, and intelligent dialog. Explosions and gory battles aren’t enough. Charlize Theron played an unexplained absurd villain and the rest of the space ship crew were the same generic characters you’ve seen many times before. Oddly, decent people were few and far between. When we walked out of the ear-splitting pointless extravaganza, we took off our 3D glasses, turned to our companion, and said “Why did we put ourselves through that – what’s wrong with us?”

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