Even Ryan Seacrest Couldn’t Make “the Million Second Quiz” Work

We thought it was just US when we couldn’t force ourselves to get interested in NBC’s The Million Second Quiz. Heaven knows we TRIED. Host Ryan Seacrestdescribed it as “The phenomenon that’s sweeping the country!” And why not – a live game show with loads of money floating around should be dramatic at least. But this show, which annoyed us with its rules and gimmicks night after night, was so confusing and nonsensical that we gave up early on. It was described as a “challenge of trivia and endurance.” The audience did NOT endure. Ratings went down, down, down, down, despite the fact that Ryan Seacrest tweeted like a madman to lure viewers. Mercifully, the finale airs this Thursday. There’s something to be said for simplicity.(Above, Ryan and the Money Chair)

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