Mark Wahlberg Says He Wants To Be A Role Model

Photo: Mark in The Gambler

Mark Wahlberg wants to be pardoned for an assault that landed him in jail when he was 16, presumably because he is reformed. But that might not be the case. While high on drugs, Wahlberg whacked a Vietnamese man in the head with a heavy stick in an attempt to steal two cases of beer he was carrying, in his Massachusetts hometown. He was also verbally and racially abusive. It turns out the man did not lose an eye from the beating, but Mark served 45 days in jail. He was a bully. Now he wants the incident removed from his record, but he has never apologized to his victim. Actually Mark wants the felony removed because he wants to open a chain of restaurants (Wahlburgers) with his brothers, and some states won’t allow felons to do so. So maybe he hasn’t changed all that much.

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