Amidst industry halt, Junior Artists to seek Salman Khan’s help if they hit a rough patch

Salman Khan resides in the hearts of the people of all segments. If there is one go-to person in the industry who always extends that extra hand of support and uplifts everyone, it is the superstar- Salman Khan. We have heard ample stories about his generosity and even this one, isn’t new to us!

Amidst industry halt, Junior Artists to seek Salman Khan's help if they hit a rough patch

At a time when the entire nation is fighting the outbreak, the worst-hit in the industry are the production crews as it has caused the shutdown of films, TV and OTT productions until further notice. The daily wage workers are the ones who are suffering, economically. Many from the industry, including production houses have already taken precautionary measures and suspended work while others, are also in conversation to set up a relief fund for daily wage workers who are impacted by the shutdown.

Telling us about how Salman Khan becomes ‘their’ person at a time like this, daily wage workers and junior artiste co-ordinator Rajendra Lekhraj aka Pappu shares, “If we hit a rough patch, I will talk to Salman Khan. He is so gracious in offering support and is always concerned about us. He recently stalled the shoot of Radhe in Mehboob Studios because of the unfortunate turn of events."

This is not the first time that we have heard Salman Khan going the extra mile. His foundation, ‘Being Human’ has always been the medium to providing funding to treat children with various illnesses and brought relief to many.

Definitely, Salman Khan has always been a demi-god owing to his popularity but real stories of generosity like these are the exact reasons why he is loved by one and all.

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