Karan Oberoi who spent a month in jail has this advice for Rhea Chakraborty

As Rhea Chakraborty struggles to overcome the trauma of a month-long incarceration, the process of healing is going to be long and slow. Actor-musician-author Karan Oberoi, who spent a month in jail on charges of sexual harassment, apparently false, feels jail scars the individual for life.

Karan Oberoi who spent a month in jail has this advice for Rhea Chakraborty

Says Karan, “I really feel for her plight! This is going to be a tough healing process. Jails in India can break any human being down to pieces! More than the physical entrapment it’s the mental cage that’s difficult to escape.” Karan feels Rhea needs all the help she can get. “She would definitely need therapy sessions along with support from all her loved ones. And also to stay away from any toxic information around her.”

Would meditation help Rhea? “Meditation will help her a great deal. She needs to calm her troubled mind. She comes across as a strong girl, and she would pull through, with all the love and affection from her parents and closed ones!”

Justifying a jail sentence gets especially hard when you are innocent. Says Karan, “Sometimes the unanswered questions about the how’s and why’s of your predicament play havoc in your mind. That is something I’d recommend Rhea to deflect from her thoughts. She should keep herself engaged with any activity that gives her joy. In my case my music gave me that and writing down my trauma in the form of a book Holy Cow was an immensely cathartic experience.”

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