Shraddha extends her small town girl image with Haider Villain

Shraddha extends her small town girl image with Haider Villain

In reel life, Bipasha Basu was an unlikely candidate of being a 'small town girl' when Ranbir Kapoor dedicated an entire song on these lines for her in Bachna Ae Haseeno. However in real life, it is Shraddha Kapoor who is revelling with this title, and rightly so, what with her demand (especially) in B and C centres of the country seeing good rise on a constant basis.

"Pick up most major A-league actresses and they would be largely seen in events, endorsements, commercials and even films that project them as a hardcore metro girl. With glamour as the middle name of all major heroines, seldom are they seen making appearances in cities away from the cosmopolitan cities and select metros. However, Shraddha is an exception. As a rising star, she realises that penetration in the length and breadth of the country is very important to make deeper inroads. Moreover, her simple girl next door act coupled with presentation as a small town girl in movies is helping her as well," says a source.

This is pretty much corroborated by the fact that amongst the top league Gen X actresses, Shraddha is getting maximum invitations from B & C towns to make public appearances.

"Now this is ironic, considering since her first major film (Luv Ka The End) as a lead had her playing a chic urban girl," quips an insider, "Guess it is a matter of image and when something as big as Aashiqui 2 works for you, it only makes sense to take that forward. Her simplicity worked in that film and even Gori Tere Pyaar Mein where, except her, most others got flak. It is a matter of being identified and if playing simple is working for her, she should do all to have that go in her favour."

No wonder, while Shraddha is going simple again in Haider with Shahid Kapoor, the recently released still from The Villain presents her in a simple 'avtar' all over again. With Gabbar as her next biggie with none other than Akshay Kumar, one waits to see if it would be a small town simple persona on display all over again.

Observes a filmmaker, "With Sanjay Leela Bhansali known for presenting anything and everything in as grand and lavish a manner as possible, it would be quite interesting how he brings Shraddha on screen."

Well, Shraddha may not have to worry. After all, with Deepika Padukone playing 'Leela' from an unknown small town from Gujarat and still presented in such a glamorous manner, Shraddha knows that she is in safe hands.

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