5 possible reasons that make Kriti Sanon happy

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Kriti Sanon has been spotted recently wearing a Happy T-shirt and that has a reason. The pretty actress has been looking prettier as she has been smiling from cheek to cheek off lately and that has a reason behind it. Here are 5 possible reasons that make Kriti Sanon happy.
Best Debut-Female : Bollywood’s new found talent has 2015 awarding her for her debut film Heropanti. Kriti Sanon has bagged majority awards for the Best Debut Female of the Year. Earning appreciation at the very beginning of her career is a head start and will take young Kriti to great heights.
Family time spent : Kriti sanon has been living in Mumbai alone since the past 3 years while her family is away in Delhi. Being the family person that she is, Kriti had been missing spending quality time with her dear family. Kriti’s parents had also recently issued a Diktat to their actor daughter to find time and accompany them on a vaccation. IIFA 2015 proved to be the perfect location for this family reunion. Kriti spent quality time with her family while in Malaysia. What better than your family to make you happy?
Dilwale : Dilwale is Kriti’s 2nd film in the industry and it stars the who’s who of Bollywood like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol. Kriti is soon to start filming a song for the film. The song demands Kriti to flaunt her dance moves. Kriti has been vocal about her love for dance. Well Dilwale along with Dance is a perfect reason for Kriti to be all smile and shine.
Fans : Kriti Sanon has achieved immense love from her audiences post her first release. The Delhi girl has fans all around the country and they never shy away from expressing their love for their beloved actress. Kriti’s social media accounts are a proof of the love her fans shower her with on a daily basis.
Rains : Kriti Sanon is a Monsoon baby, and by this we mean she was born in this season. This makes the rains very dear to the actress. Since here arrival in the city, Kriti has enjoyed Mumbai rains. The first showers of 2015 compelled Kriti to run to her terrace and get soaked in the rain a la ‘Chak Dhoom Dhoom’ style.
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