A four wheel ride makes Shahid Kapoor smile

Shahid is in love with his Segway ride.

Shahid is often seen enjoying his Segway ride on the set of a reality show on which he is a judge.

Imagine his sad, grumpy face, like Tom Hanks from Cast Away, when he loses his best inanimate friend, Wilson Volleyball. “Shahid sulked when he discovered his Segway was not around after he arrived for shoot at 10am on Wednesday.Everyone could see that he was pining for the two-wheeler, particularly during breaks which is when he zips around on his boy-toy keeping everyone entertained,“ revealed a source.

To cheer up the Haider star, his dance guru, singerperformer-choreographer and co-judge, Ganesh Hegde, surprised him by getting him a chair with four wheels and pushing it around. “Shahid’s face lit up like a thousand-watt bulb,“  added the source.

Everybody had been waiting for that smile all afternoon. The actor wheeled around in his chair and aced 12-hours of shoot for the double episode this weekend.

The source further added that, “He’ll be back next Tuesday and we’re sure he’ll be on his Segway before the first take. He’s having a lot of fun on the show,“.

Shahid will be seen next in ‘Shaandaar’.

He recently launched a foot tapping number- ‘Gulaabo’ from ‘Shaandaar’ along with Alia Bhatt.

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