Richa Chadda reveals about her eating disorder and her tryst with body shaming

With the constant pressure on people, especially actors, to retain a peculiar body type, several celebrities have now come out in open and lashed out on body shamers. In fact, Richa Chadda recently in an uninhibited manner decided to talk about her experiences, her eating disorder as she advices teenagers and others to love their body the way it is.

Reminiscing about an incident that had happened when she was just about to enter Bollywood, Richa revealed about how one of her male colleagues asked the film director to pad her up owing to her skinny frame. Later, when the actress did put on a few kilos, she was later asked to reduce it for another role. Mentioning about how people judge the way one looks as an actor as well as the way their features are accentuated on screen, Richa though maintains that it is important for an actor look good on screen, she believes that troubling your body isn't a solution. From feeling guilty about being hungry to suffering an eating disorder, Richa Chadda has undergone her share of struggles.

During a nine hour flight journey, Richa saw a documentary on popular singer Amy Winehouse which touched upon topics like bulimia and the actress added that after the two hours of the film, she cried throughout the rest of the flight journey but it was an eye opener of sorts as post that, she decided to take control over her body. Further talking about how several critics lashed out on Aishwarya Rai, after her weight gain post motherhood, she stated that people should love their body without really worrying about popular perception.

Richa Chadda wanted to bring this to the notice of her fans and audience as she believes that there are several housewives, teenagers who are victims of bodyshaming and some take drastic measures like surviving on supplements which can have adverse side effects on their body.

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